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Youth Oil 童顏美容油

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Main Ingredients:

Olive Squalane . Sea Buckthorn Fruit Oil . Hojari Frankincense Essential Oil . Neroli Essential Oil


Your elixir of youth! Experience anti-ageing lifting, firming and brightening effect with Hojari Frankincense and Neroli essential oils plus the precious sea buckthorn oil from Siberia, a super antioxidant your skin needs for a youthful revival. 

Oman Hojari Frankincense essential oil is the highest quality variety of Frankincense and is native to Oman. In ancient times, it was exclusively used by Omani royal family and has a richer and more distinct citrus scent compared to Frankincense from other regions. It offers multiple skincare benefits, including anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and deeply nourishing properties, helping to firm and tighten sagging skin.

The Neroli essential oil we use is Grade A pure essential oil, obtained by removing the bitter orange leaves and stems by hand, retaining only the distillation of Neroli flowers. As a result, it is more fragrant and contains a higher concentration of active molecules compared to Grabe B or Grade C's Neroli essential oil that include the leaves and stems. Neroli essential oil soothes and calms the skin, provides moisturization and hydration, tightens pores, promotes skin regeneration, reduces the appearance of scars, and enhances skin brightness and evenness. 

( 30ml )


橄欖角鯊烷 . 沙棘果油,阿曼綠乳香乳香精油 . 橙花精油


配方添加被譽為 "超級抗氧劑" 的西伯利亞沙棘果油,具有抗老拉提緊實作用的阿曼綠乳香精油,以及緊緻毛孔與提亮膚色功效的A級純橙花精油。


我們採用的橙花油屬於A級純精油 - 由人工篩去橙葉與橙梗,僅僅保留橙花蒸餾,因此在香氣與活性份子方面皆比含有橙葉與橙梗的B級C級橙花油來得更豐富,價格也更貴。橙花精油能舒緩鎮靜肌膚,保濕滋潤,收縮毛孔,促進皮膚再生,淡化疤痕,提亮與均勻膚色功效。

( 30ml )