Bloom & Blossom is founded by former Beauty Editor, Ariel Wong with experience in the media industry. Having written numerous features on the beauty and skincare segment, she is well versed with the latest technologies used by luxury brands, giving her the professional knowledge pertaining to beauty. 

Bloom & Blossom創辦人Ariel Wong是一位前資深美容編輯。曾在時尚媒體業工作了十多年的她,接觸過無數奢華護膚品,也撰寫過許多美容專題,其美容知識絕對不亞於專業人士。

Currently a freelance editor and writer, she is constantly on the lookout for back-to-basic formulas consisting of the best ingredients from nature with zero use of chemicals as the way to real beauty and a minimalist approach to skincare. To realise this, she decided to return to her aromatherapy background with her international qualified America NAHA (National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy) professional qualification to establish Bloom & Blossom, a Mori-style aromatherapy hydrosol (floral water) brand. Mori-style refers to the new Oriental lifestyle trend that is dedicated to living a cheerful, simple and natural life in the forest.

如今身為自由時尚編輯兼撰稿人的她,愈發向往簡約自然的護膚美學,因為她知道回歸最基本最天然無添加的護膚哲學,才是對肌膚的最大恩惠,因此早年考獲NAHA(美國整體芳療師協會)芳療證照的她決定重回芳療世界,憑著豐富的現代護膚品知識與專業芳療知識,打造了強調純粹簡約美學的森林系純露品牌 – Bloom & Blossom。

Inspired by Provence

With organic skincare becoming more expensive, the Bloom & Blossom founder believes that there must be other ingredient sources aside from well-known regions like Europe. With this, she turns to China and its abundant land to seek high quality natural ingredients. 

In search of self-cultivated flower farms, she visited provinces such as Sichuan, Yunnan, Xinjiang and Guangxi. It was during her travels where she met a flower grower in Sichuan who adopts the traditional Provence-style of planting, harvesting and manufacturing. The flower grower lives in the central forest of Sichuan and owns a wide self-cultivated flower farm, using a traditional copper distilling method known in France to produce high quality intense hydrosol. This is ultimately being used in Bloom & Blossom. 



Eco-Balance Cultivation

Flower farms are currently pursuing the concept of eco balance, zero pesticide, zero herbicide and zero chemical fertilisers. Moreover, flowers like Magnolia Alba, Osmanthus, Sakura,Tea Tree, Eucalyptus and Centella grow wild and deep in the forest where zero pollution exists. Due to the smaller-scale of self-cultivated flower farms compared to commercial farms, flower buds are handpicked early in the morning before sunrise during blooming seasons. Each batch is limited and of superior quality. 



Professional Manufacturing

At Bloom & Blossom, all of our freshly picked flower buds are sent to the nearest workshop for distillation using a traditional Provence-style copper steamer to produce and extract intense hydrosol. This will then be transferred to a custom-made jar clay for UV light disinfection that will then be stored in a cooling room at the constant temperature of 15° C. Only when orders are received will the intense hydrosol be bottled and delivered to a cosmetic factory for an industrial-grade sealing process. 

Bloom & Blossom focuses on the cultivation of eco balance, traditional Provence-style distillation technique and industrial-grade storage, disinfection and bottle sealing. Every bottle of our intense hydrosol is pure, natural, safe and certified by the Cosmeceutical Examination. 


新鮮花朵采摘下來後,立即送往設立於花田旁的蒸餾工坊,以傳統古銅蒸餾鍋日以繼夜地進行蒸餾。飽和純露甫一收集完成,就會立刻裝進特別定制的大甕,進行紫外線消毒程序,然後儲藏在恒溫攝氏15度的大型室內冷藏間,接到訂單後才會以消毒後的純露瓶分裝,並立即運往化妝品工廠進行封瓶。Bloom & Blossom強調的是生態平衡式耕種,南法傳統蒸餾法與專業級的儲藏、消毒與封瓶方式。因此,每一瓶送到使用者手上的飽和純露都是最純粹天然,可以安全使用,以及通過中國“國產化妝品備案檢驗機構”高規格的安全檢驗。

Intense Hydrosol

In most hydrosol in the market, valuable essential oil has been extracted. To maintain our standards for high quality, Bloom & Blossom intense hydrosol retains all essential oils. 

Our copper distiller has been modified from a two-split exit to a single common exit. To further ensure our quality, all raw flower materials are freshly picked, using a ratio of 500g flower and 500g filtered watered for distillation to obtain 500g (or less) hydrosol. 

As all our hydrosol contains essential oil, it is classified as Intense Hydrosol, containing both oil-soluble and water-soluble active ingredients with abundant of beauty benefits. 


上文重覆提過的“飽和純露”,到底和市面上的“純露”有何不同呢?目前市面上所售的純露都是已提取精油的,畢竟精油的市價遠高於純露。不過,Bloom & Blossom為了獲得高品質的純露,選擇將蒸餾出來的精油保留在純露中,因此所使用的傳統古銅蒸餾鍋是經過改裝,沒有原本的精油和純露分流口,而是讓完整蒸餾物在同一出口流出。為了提高精粹度,所有蒸餾花材都是新鮮采收,然後以1斤鮮花加1斤過濾水的比例,蒸餾出1斤(或以下)的純露。Bloom & Blossom所售的純露皆不提取精油,所以稱為“飽和純露”,其特點是兼具精油內含的油溶性活性成分和純露內含的水溶性活性成分,如此一來,護膚功能就更為高效優越