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Camellia Compressed Sheet Mask 山茶花壓縮面膜紙 (不單獨售賣)

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Product's Introduction

A precious flower, red camellia( known as Tsubaki in Japanse) grows only in Japan, North Korea and China. To make our natural camellia fibre for our compressed mask, camellia petals are processed into a powder form before it is turned into a fibre material using a special spunlace process. Once the fibre is shaped, natural camellia oil extracted from camellia seeds is injected into the fibre to ensure that it is completely absorbed into each strand. Colour of the mask is due to the natural colour of red camellia.

1 Pack ( 15 tablets )


主要生長在日本,韓國朝鮮和中國東北部的山茶花品種。在日本素來被稱為"椿"或"紅椿"(Tsubaki ),屬於艷紅色單瓣山茶花品種。我們的山茶花纖維面膜是採用此花瓣為材料,首先將乾燥花瓣研磨成微粒,然後以水針法製作成纖維布,接著在纖維布表面注入山茶花籽萃取出來的山茶油,品質天然上乘的山茶花纖維面膜就此形成。呈粉紅色的面膜乃紅色山茶花瓣原色,整體製作過程皆不予以漂染處理。

1包 ( 15片)