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Recovery Oil 修顏美容油

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Main Ingredients: 

Olive Squalane . German Chamomile Essential Oil . Wild Chrysanthemum Essential Oil . Mugwort Essential Oil


Specifically for delicate and sensitive skin, this formulation effectively improves redness and visible blood vessels while providing stability and soothing relief for sensitive symptoms.

  • German Chamomile essential oil is known for its excellent healing properties on sensitive and fragile skin, strengthening the skin's protective barrier and enhancing its resilience against external aggressors, earning its reputation as a "guardian for sensitive skin".
  • Wild Chrysanthemum essential oil is a rarity in the aromatherapy world. This oil is produced in small quantities through steam distillation during the spring harvest of wild chrysanthemum flowers, making it an exclusive and unique floral essential oil. With its fresh grassy aroma, it truly embodies the essence of "wild" chrysanthemum. The well-known heat-clearing and detoxifying effects of wild chrysanthemum are particularly suitable for Malaysians with a "damp-heat constitution and skin". It provides excellent improvement for skin issues caused by humidity and heat.
  • Mugwort essential oil is a type of traditional Chinese herbal essential oil. Just like wild chrysanthemum essential oil, it is highly suitable for Malaysians. When combined, these two oils synergistically deliver optimal results in alleviating skin sensitivity concerns, offering comprehensive improvement for the skin.

( 30ml )


橄欖角鯊烷 . 德國洋甘菊精油 . 野菊花精油 . 艾草精油



  • 德國洋甘菊精油對敏感與脆弱肌膚有很好的修護作用,強化肌膚屏障層,提升對外環境侵害的耐受力,是公認的"敏感肌保護者"。
  • 野菊花精油在芳療市場上極為少見,這款精油是於春季收採野菊花時少量蒸餾製作,堪稱為"獨家擁有"的花香型精油。洋溢著草綠氣息的菊花香氣,不枉其"野"菊花的封號。相信大家都很熟悉菊花的清熱解毒功效,對普遍患有"濕熱體質與膚質"的馬來西亞人特別適用,針對因濕熱暑熱引起的皮膚問題都有很好的改善。
  • 艾草精油是一種中草藥型精油,其與野菊花精油同樣非常適合馬來西亞人使用,兩者相互搭配能夠發揮協同效益,更完好改善肌膚敏感困擾。

( 30ml )