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Purifying Hair Treatment 頭髮頭皮淨化護理液

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Main Ingredients:

Rosemary Hydrosol . Lavender Hydrosol . Aloe Vera Juice . Peppermint Hydrosol . Lemon Hydrosol 


This treatment is formulated with various natural hydrosols and contain no oils or preservatives. It helps eliminate greasiness of hair and scalp, cleanse the scalp, reduce hair loss, and soothe scalp allergies and itching.

How to Use:

Use as a pre-wash treatment. Apply to dry hair.

  • For less hair volume - Pour the liquid into the complimentary scalp massager, hold the massager and massage the entire head back and forth. The liquid will release from the teeth, directly touching the scalp. Afterward, proceed with the usual hair washing routine.
  • For more hair volume - Directly apply the liquid by touching the bottle's tip to the scalp, and release the liquid. Once the entire scalp is moistened, massage the head back and forth with the massager. Afterward, proceed with the usual hair washing routine.

Can also be used as a "dry shampoo" on days when washing hair is not desired. Pour the liquid onto a cotton pad, take a small section of hair, and gently wipe the sebum from the hair, moving up and down. Finally, allow the hair to air dry naturally or use a blow dryer.

( 500ml, complimentary scalp massager)


迷迭香純露 . 薰衣草純露 . 蘆薈原液 . 薄荷純露 . 檸檬純露




  • 髮量少 - 把淨化液倒入附送的頭皮按摩儀內,手持按摩儀來回按摩整個頭部,液體會從梳腳釋放出來,直接觸及頭皮。結束後,進入日常洗髮步驟。
  • 髮量多 - 直接將瓶子尖口接觸頭皮,並釋放液體。待整個頭皮皆受液後,以按摩儀來回按摩頭部。結束後,進入日常洗髮步驟。