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Deep Cleanse Volcanic Clay Mask 深層淨妍火山泥膜

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Main Ingredients:

Rosemary Hydrosol . Volcanic Mud . Witch Hazel Extract . Jojoba Oil . Niacinamide . Oat Polysaccharides . Fucose . Tea Tree Oil . Rosemary Oil . Sodium Hyaluronate . Citric Acid 


Regain healthy, radiant skin within 15 minutes. This Volcanic Clay Mask acts as a vacuum cleaner, deeply purifying pores, removing impurities, and absorbing sebum clogged within the pores to extract blackheads and whiteheads. It also has anti-inflammatory and antibactirial properties to combat inflamed acne.

How to use:

Once a week, after cleansing the face, apply a thin layer evenly onto the entire face. After 15 minutes, thoroughly rinse off. Continue with your regular skincare routine, such as hydrosol toner, serum, and moisturizer.

( 120g )

主要成分 : 

迷迭香純露 . 火山泥 . 金縷梅精華 . 荷荷巴果油 . 煙酰胺 . 燕麥葡聚醣 . 海藻醣 . 茶樹油 . 迷迭香油 . 透明質酸鈉 . 檸檬酸 


15分鐘內重獲散發著乾淨光彩的健康肌膚。Botanical Remedy Deep Cleanse Volcanic Clay Mask 扮演吸塵機角色,深層淨化毛孔,去除污垢,吸附堵塞在毛孔內的皮脂,導出黑頭粉刺。具有消炎殺菌,抗擊發炎痘痘的作用。建議每星期進行一次深層淨化面膜護理,讓皮膚毛孔 “呼吸順暢,打造清爽不油膩的乾淨膚質。


每周一次。洗臉後,取少量薄塗全臉。15分鐘後徹底沖洗乾淨。接續純露 / 化妝水,精華與乳液等日常護膚程序。

( 120g )