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(NEW) Hydra Repairing Crystal Gel 保濕修護藍晶凝膠

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Main Ingredients:

German Chamomile Hydrosol . Blue Lotus Hydrosol . Olea Europaea Extract .  Sea Fennel Extract . Sodium Hyaluronate . Copper Peptide . Centella Asiatica Extract . Trehalose . Portulaca Oleracea Extract . Chrysanthellum Inducum Extract . Copper PCA . Ceramide NP . German Chamomile Oil . Mentha Arvensis Extract . Tanacetum Vulgare Extract . Grapefruit Oil . Lactobacillus . Aloe Barbadensis Extract


Inspired by the blue ocean, our Hydra Repairing Crystal Gel is an extension of our star product, the Hydrating Serum. Formulated with two premium ingredients – Sea Fennel Extract and Blue Copper Peptide, along with complementary ingredients such as Centella Asiatica Extract (Cica) and Chrysanthemum Extract. It provides moisturizing, anti-aging, soothing and fragile skin’s repair benefits.

The oil-free crystal blue gel texture, infused with the refreshing scent of Grapefruit essential oil reminiscent of seawater, is easily absorbed without feeling sticky or heavy, making it suitable for all skin types. For optimal skincare results, it is recommended to use in conjunction with the Hydrating Serum to achieve comprehensive skincare benefits.

( 50g )


德國洋甘菊純露 . 藍蓮花純露 . 油橄欖葉萃取 . 海茴香萃取 . 透明質酸鈉 . 藍銅勝肽 . 積雪草萃取 . 海藻醣 . 馬齒莧萃取 . 野菊花萃取 . 銅PCA . 神經酰胺NP . 德國洋甘菊精油 . 野薄荷萃取 . 藍艾菊萃取 . 葡萄柚精油 . 乳酸桿菌 . 蘆薈萃取


靈感源自藍色海洋的保濕修護凝膠,是我們明星精華液Hydrating Serum 的延伸版。含有兩大貴婦級成分 - 海茴香萃取與藍酮勝肽,以及輔助成份 - 積雪草萃取,野菊花萃取等,為肌膚提供保濕,抗老,修護敏感的功效。

不含油脂的藍晶凝膠質地,散發出以葡萄柚精油模擬海水的清新氣息,容易吸收,不沾黏不悶膩,適合所有膚質使用。建議與Hydrating Serum 搭配使用,發揮更完整的護膚作用。