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Midnight Rose Body Cream 深暮玫瑰身體乳霜

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Main Ingredients:

Damask Rose Hydrosol . Soy Lecithin . Avocado Butter . Shea Butter . Squalane . Trehalose . Nicotinamide . Rose Extract . D-Mannitol . Vitamin E . Sodium Hyaluronate . Tea Polyphenols . Attar Rose Essential Oil


Infused with Attar Rose essential oil, it subtly emanates a Sandalwood fragrance and combines the rich aroma of Kashmir Rose, providing an unique olfactory experience.

Attar essential oil is a distillation method that has been passed down from ancient India, using Sandalwood as a smoky base to distil freshly harvested Kashmir roses. As a result, the obtained essential oil not only possesses a full-bodied rose scent but also carries a hint of Sandalwood, giving Attar Rose a more layered fragrance profile. Warming the body, mind, and soul, bringing a sense of tranquility and serenity.

The cream has a rich and creamy texture that is moisturizing without feeling oily, thick without being heavy. It quickly penetrates the skin, creating a silky smooth and radiant skin texture as satin. Whether used during the day or at night, it can provide a healing and enjoyable sensory experience.

( 200g )


大馬士革玫瑰純露 . 大豆卵磷脂 . 鳄梨脂 . 乳木果脂 . 角鯊烷 . 海藻糖 . 烟酰胺 . 玫瑰精粹 . D-甘露醇 . 维他命E . 透明质酸钠 . 茶多酚 . 阿塔玫瑰精油


蘊含Attar Rose精油,隱隱散發一股檀木香氣,並揉合了喀什米爾玫瑰的馥郁氣息,賦予獨特的香氣體驗。

Attar精油是古印度流傳至今的蒸餾法,以檀木為燻製基底,蒸餾新鮮採收的喀什米爾玫瑰,因此所得精油除了擁有飽滿的玫瑰香氣以外,還透著檀木的隱約氣息,賦予Attar Rose更具層次感的香譜,能夠溫暖身心靈,帶來寧靜祥和感。


( 200g )