All About Hydrosol 純露問與答 1

All About Hydrosol 純露問與答 1

Q: What is hydrosol?

A: Most people are familiar with essential oils but not hydrosol. Hydrosol is the by-product of essential oils, a concentrated liquid that separates during the extraction process of essential oils.



Q: How is hydrosol obtained?

A: Fresh floral buds are contained inside a distiller. Then, as the heat is increased from the bottom of the distiller, steam will draw out essential oil and water-soluble micro elements from the buds. This will then be condensed using a condenser tube. As a result, particles with smaller density will float – this is the essential oil – while particles with bigger density will sink, which is hydrosol.



Q: Does hydrosol have a particular colour?

A: Hydrosols are either transparent or light yellow in colour. There are a few floral and herb hydrosols like German Chamomile that is a spectacular blue.


A:所有純露都是透明或者淡黃色的,唯有極少數植物純露如德國洋甘菊才會呈現出獨一無二的藍色。如果你看到市面上的玫瑰花水呈現粉紅色,薰衣草呈現紫色,那就一定是加入了人工色素的 “偽純露” 。

Q: How do I use hydrosol as a skincare?

A: Hydrosols can be used as a toner, moisturising spray, refreshing spray, makeup spray and most popularly as a water mask. As hydrosol contains small molecules, it absorbs immediately into skin, leaving a delicate and ideal skincare effect.    



Q: Can I use hydrosol alone without using other skincare?

A: No. Because hydrosols do not contain any lipids or oils, it is unable to provide a water-lock function or a barrier film. Therefore, hydrosols cannot be used independently; it must be used alongside a moisturizer, face cream or face oil.