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Ruby Rose Advanced Formula (2 bottle bundle set) 紅寶玫瑰膠囊 (2瓶特惠組)

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Main Ingredients: 

Peony Seed Oil . Elaeagnus Mollis Oil . Sea Buckthorn Fruit Oil . Grape Seed Oil . Rosa Rugosa Oil . Rosa Rugosa Powder . Haematococcus Pluvialis . Ginseng Oil (cultivated for 5 years or less) . Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil . Goji Seed Oil . Turmeric Oil . Carrot Seed Extract . Tomato Seed Extract .  Pomegranate Powder . Perilla Oil . Sodium Hyaluronate . Rosehip Oil . Angelica Root (Dang Gui) Powder . Acai Berry Powder . Cranberry Oil


These 5% concentrated Rose Oil soft gel combine vitamins and super antioxidants to promoto natural beauty and health from within. 

  • Hormone balancing: strengthens the ovaries, potentially addressing mentrual cycle issues.
  • Youth promoting: high antioxidant content helps fight free radicals, promote skin regeneration, anti aging and brightening overall skin tone.
  • Improves menopausal symptoms:alleviate various discomfort symptoms caused by menopause,such as tired and dry skin.
  • Promote blood circulation: give a rosy complexion and vitality.
  • Eye care: soothe eye fatigue and protect and enhance visual acuity.

Dosage Instructions:

For improving the mentioned symptoms, it is recommended to take 2 softgels in the morning and 2 softgels in the evening for intensive care, continuosly consume for 3 months. For regular daily care, take 2 softgels per day. 

( 100 soft gels  )




- 調理卵巢,滋陰養護子宮

- 透過天然植物油增加女性荷爾蒙,而非西醫的處方藥

- 調理經期,回歸正常

- 調理經量,讓過多或過少量的經量,回歸正常

- 強效抗氧,延緩老化,提亮全身膚色

- 舒緩眼部疲勞,護神明目


- 如欲改善以上症狀,建議早晚各服用2顆做密集性調理,長達三個月。

- 日常一般保養,每天服用2顆即可。