• "My Hydrosol journey starts with Magnolia in the morning and Gardenia at night. I am amazed by the Magnolia Alba hydrosol with its lemony smell, however the Gardenia Hydrosol reveals light and delicate scent for me.

    Hydrosol definitely one of the best mist on hot summer days, especially convenient in spray form, it calms my skin, refreshes my complexion for the entire day. I get flowless skin instantly, my face feel completely new and super soft and smooth. I won’t say I am in love with it, but no doubt that I will put it on my shopping list." -- Irene Seah

  • "偶然發現這個品牌就被它家的純露給深深的吸引着,全因為它是飽和型純露,就是珍貴的植物精油也沒有被分離,全部都裝進瓶子裡。要知道植物精油如果被隔離分開售賣可是很貴的。老闆娘可是佛心來著的沒有提高利潤,秉持薄利多銷的理念來推廣它家的產品。

    老闆娘也會針對不同的膚況和需求來建議合適的純露,不會亂亂推銷產品。而且有時候可能老闆娘還比我"上心",我過了一個星期才下訂單老闆娘還記得我的狀況,有特別給我挑純露並且還提醒我要注意的地方,真是不給個 like 都不行!

    功效有多好就不用多說了,畢竟每個人會有不同的感受,回購就是最直接的為產品說話的方式了。這次已經是我的第三次回購了,而且數量是每次都增加,就不難看出我對它們家產品的喜愛吧~ 給想要嘗試純露的朋友大推! " -- Huey Wei

  • "I am quite satisfied with the product, using the hydrosol on day as spray toner and mix it with some serum for mask on night. It's so hydrating and keep my face looks shinny. Some more the price is reasonable, ingredients is natural, definitely recommend it! " -- Elaine