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Organic Clary Sage Hydrosol (有機快樂鼠尾草純露)

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Milder than our Rosemary Hydrosol, the Clary Sage Hydrosol provides skin with a moist, morning dew-like glow. Its astringent and conditioning effect balances out oily and combination skin while a mild anti-inflammatory action is suitable for sensitive skin with mild irritation. In addition, it can purify greasy scalp and reduce dandruff and itching while improving sensitive scalp. Simply spray onto scalp (not your hair) after shampooing and lightly massage with fingers to evenly distribute.



Suitable for all skin types . No fragrances, preservatives and alcohol . 100% pure natural, zero chemical substances

適合所有肌膚類型 . 不含香料、防腐劑和酒精 . 100%純天然、零添加