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Dawn Rose Shower Gel晨曦玫瑰沐浴露

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Main Ingredients:

Rose Alba Hydrosol . Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate . PEG-120 Methyl Glucose Dioleate . Grape Seed Oil . Avocado Butter . Centella Extract . Trehalose . Licorice Extract . Sodium Hyaluronate . Glycerin . Tocopherol . Pro-vitamin B5 . Rose Alba Essential Oil


Crafted with luxurious Bulgaria White Rose essential oil, Dawn Rose Shower Gel transports you to a romantic garden filled with the sweet fragrance of freshly bloomed white roses. Rich and luxurious aromatic foam envelops the entire body, providing a gentle cleansing effect. After showering, the body feels clean and refreshed, with a lingering fragrance of delicate white roses, reminiscent of white wine.

How to use:

Apply several pumps of the product onto a shower net, add a small amount of water, and lather by rubbing together until foamy.

( 200ml )


白玫瑰純露 . 椰油酰谷氨酸钠 . 甲基葡萄糖醇二油酸酯 . 葡萄籽油 .   鳄梨脂 . 積雪草精粹 . 海藻糖 . 甘草 . 透明质酸钠 . 甘油 . 生育酚 . 泛醇 (維他命B5). 白玫瑰精油





( 200ml )